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The Taka Chocolatiers Series – Venchi

Takashimaya Basement Two (B2) Food Hall is renown for being home to some of the finest chocolatiers from across the world. Recently, Takashimaya unveiled a new host of chocolatiers with an exciting array of chocolicious treats to offer. Naturally, The Chocolate Space went down to check out the cocoa action in season!

Over the next few weeks, we will bring you some of the key highlights of our visit to the Takashimaya Food Hall. But first up:

The Taka Chocolatiers Series – Venchi – Putting you Right Home in Rome

Top of our list is Italian chocolate maker – Venchi. We sampled a selection of four pralines (which is approximately $12 for a box of four). Venchi chocolates are known for its semi-sweet, luxuriant and buttery mouth-feel, characteristic of Italian chocolates. As with most Italian chocolate makers, anything that has a mix of hazelnut and chocolate is made to perfection – and so a real must try is the classic Praline of Milk, Hazelnut and Cocoa Paste, which is reminiscent of the traditional Italian Gianduja.

The 75% Chocaviar is another gem to try. It is deep set in dark chocolate and covered with bits of chocolate that look like caviar. “Chocaviar” comes from Venchi’s creative way of selling chocolate bits packed in the kind of tins that you would sell caviar in. Check out “The Chocaviar Tins”.

Other must trys are the Chcooalte Spiced with Chillie Pepper and the Chocolate truffle with Coconut rape.

In true Italian style, Venchi knows how to strike a pose with style. Having entered into a partnership with high-end fashion brand Giorgio Armani last year under the Armani/Dolci line, this means that we’ll be watching out for more to come and maybe some designers’ collection of chocolates by Venchi real soon.

Here’s a real treat for chocolate DIY fans. If you like baking, you might like to try Venchi’s Chocolate Fondue Cake recipe! View here.