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Mast Brothers Chocolate – Will You Like It?

Chanced upon American artisanal brand Mast Brothers Chocolate, which can be found at Jones the Grocer along Dempsey Rd. Handcrafted American chocolate is a rare find in Singapore, since our market is largely dominated by European chocolate brands.

Mast Brothers Chocolate specialises in single-estate and single-origin chocolates that are handcrafted in small batches, the old fashion way, and each bar is tagged with a batch number. Quite befitting of the artisanal trade, Mast Brothers Chocolate hails from Brookyn, New York, which is also the birthplace of many iconic artistes and musicians valued for their craft. While Mast Brothers Chocolate has been the rage in New York over the past year, it is also met with mixed reviews, with some not quite appreciating the taste of these bars. But while the verdict on this bar hangs in the balance, this provides us with room for an interesting discussion.

Taking a bite of the bar (as how you would naturally consume a chocolate bar), releases strong acidic flavours that you won’t expect, especially if you are familiar with smooth milky chocolates that are commonly associated with most well-known brands. Consistent among Mast’s dark chocolate bars is a deep-set roast of cocoa bean flavours, with a smokey tobacco feel. The bars also have a unique grainy-gritty texture that sets them apart from the usual well-conched bars. [In amateur speak: The conching process, which sometimes take days to achieve, is critical in making a chocolate bar wonderfully creamy and silk-smooth.]

Yet, there is something so unpretentious about Mast Brothers bars that defines its authenticity of sticking to hand-crafted traditions. No doubt, it does take time to acquire an appreciation for this bar. We found a review online suggesting that Mast bars are meant to be consumed in small quantities, and allowed to “sit and melt” in your mouth. True to the advice of that review, this causes the chocolate to release a different set of flavours, drawing out well-rounded smokey tobacco notes, which is not distracted by an overwhelming acidity. There is also a luxuriant mouth-feel from the cocoa butter content that mixes with the gritty texture of rough cocoa.

This is the sort of bar that you will have to take your time to enjoy as it leaves you pondering about its intricate texture and complex flavours.

Mast Brothers Chocolate bars can be found at Jones the Grocer at Dempsey and costs approximately S$11.50 per bar.