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Magic Choc – Moldable Chocolate is the New Playdoh!

Moldable chocolate is the new Playdoh! Forget plasticine and its synthetic smell. The minute you open your pack of moldable chocolate, you’ll be greeted by a lovely strong whiff of cocoa, making you feel like you stepped into a chocolate factory.

If you’re wondering whether Magic Choc is just plasticine made to look and smell like chocolate, you’re dead wrong. Magic Choc is100% Belgium chocolate with actual cocoa butter content. Cocoa butter is a waxy ivory-yellow fat obtained from dried and roasted cocoa beans, which is solid at room temperature. Cocoa butter has a unique property that allows it to melt from 34 – 38°C. This means that when it comes in contact with our body heat (typically at 37.5°C) it starts to melt, and this allows the chocolate to become moldable! [Cocoa butter is also the reason why chocolate melts in our mouth!]

This is a great present for the little ones for almost any occasion! The best part about Magic Choc is that it is edible! There are simply no artificial flavours, no colouring, and no preservatives.

The product comes in a neat little package that has 40g white chocolate, 20g dark chocolate and 60g milk chocolate. Don’t forget to wipe your hands with the anti-bacterial handwipe before you start. I’m sure you can’t resist savouring your edible creation soon after!

Check out our little molded chocolate dog – Scruffy!

Magic Choc is available at all Cold Storage and Market Place outlets islandwide at S$12 per box.