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For a Limited Period Only – Laurent Bernard’s Chocolate-Inspired Easter Menu

It takes great culinary skill to fashion up a multi-course menu featuring a theme ingredient that is present in each dish, especially if this ingredient is chocolate. Kudos goes to Laurent Bernard Chocolatier for having delivered a well thought out three-course Easter menu, which is certainly a must-try of the week!

For starters, the Seared Scallop with Cocoa Nibs is indeed a flavourful delight. Each scallop is crusted with bits of shell-roasted cocoa beans mixed with fennel seeds, adding a herb-like peppered flavour that compliments the succulent shellfish. As for the main course of Grilled Rib-Eye Steak, the Cocoa Orange Sauce offers hints of citrus-bittersweet flavours in just the right amounts. This is certainly a refreshing take on steak gravy, especially if you’re tired of the usual mushroom or peppercorn based steak sauces. The main course is accompanied by herb-seasoned mashed potatoes and long beans wrapped with bacon.

While the meal serves to stretch your imagination by using chocolate in savoury dishes, the course finale of a Banana and Chocolate Cake brings you back to familiar grounds, where desserts are Laurent Bernard’s specialty. This dessert will certainly not disappoint. While seemingly simple, the banana chocolate cake has a sophisticated play on textures and is inspired by a composite of traditional French desserts, making this a real prize-winner. Lining the base of this dessert is a brittle feuilletine (a praline textured with small pieces of crispy oven baked pancakes), which is anchored by a soft and chewy caramelized banana centre, mixed with meringue and passion fruit jus, and glazed with caramelized ginger.

This three-course menu is approximately S$50 ++ and is only available from now until 10th April 2012 at Laurent’s Café & Chocolate Bar at Portsdown Road.

Laurent’s Café & Chocolate Bar is situated at 5B Portsdown Road #01-02.

Opening Hours:
Monday (12pm – 6pm)
Tuesday to Thursday (9.30am – 8pm)
Friday to Saturday (9am – 12 midnight)
Sunday (9am – 8pm)

Tel: +65 6475 4182

Website: www.thechocolatefactoryonline.com