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The Chocolate Space offers you a comprehensive search engine that helps you locate your favourite chocolate brands with ease; or perhaps if you’re getting a box of chocolate for a celebration, we’ll tell you where the most convenient chocolate pit stop is.


Tired of the usual chocolate brands and feeling a lil’ adventurous? The Chocolate Space will bring you chocolate recommendations and keep you up-to-date with the latest chocolate trends and brands coming into Singapore. And if you can’t get enough of these yummies, why not check out where the latest chocolate festivals are at?


Want to know more about your chocolates? The Chocolate Space offers you tidbits on how to prolong the shelf-life of your chocolate, health facts on chocolate, and even FUN facts on chocolate – like did you know that the number of fingers a Kit Kat bar differs from each country?

In aiming to redefine the chocolate eating culture in Singapore, The Chocolate Space also offers you new chocolate concepts like single-bean origin chocolates or how you could pair your chocolates with beverages like tea, coffee, wine, spirits and even flowers!


At the Chocolate Space, we’re all about sharing! We’d love to hear your chocolate recommendations and feedback on chocolate shops in Singapore. And if you have questions on chocolate? We’d be happy to find the answers to your chocolate questions.