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Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using this website. By using this website, you explicitly agree to comply with the terms and conditions which will be subjected to change by The Chocolate Space (TCS) Singapore at any point in time.

Use of Website

TCS authorizes readers to read, view, download and print the contents of the site subject to the following terms.

1) You may only do so for your own personal use. No commercial usage of our content shall be allowed.

2) You may not modify or edit any content of the website.

3) Any printout or duplication of site materials shall be referenced to TCS, Singapore.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

1) TCS Singapore makes no representation of any kind regarding the suitability of the site content or any portion thereof, for any purpose.

2) You waive and agree not to assert any claims and allegations of any nature whatsoever arising from or relating to your use of the website.

3) You use TCS website at your own risk and neither TCS nor the parties who provide information for publication within the website shall be liable for any damage of any sort.

4) TCS website contains links to third-party websites which are not under the jurisdiction of TCS. TCS is not responsible for the content of any linked sites. These links are provided to provide a convenient surfing experience and a link does not imply any form of endorsement or affiliation. Your own discretion and care should be observed when venturing into these linked sites. TCS shall not be liable for any damage or loss of convenience incurred to users when viewing these websites.

Modification and Rights

1. TCS Singapore reserves the right to disapprove or remove any content posted by users which are deemed unsuitable for the website for any reason.

2. TCS Singapore reserves the right to cancel or terminate user accounts which are deemed inactive or inappropriate for the website.

3. For the purpose of increased information accuracy, improved user experience and censorship, TCS Singapore reserves the right to modify or edit any content posted by users.

4. TCS may add, change or delete these terms and conditions of use or any portion thereof from time to time at its own discretion. TCS need not provide any reasonable notice for modification and you shall explicitly agree to be bound by the amended terms and conditions.

5. TCS may change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of TCS service at any time without any prior notice. TCS reserves the right to impose restrictions on the use of the website without any notice or liability.