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Review/Comment Policy

All comments, reviews, pictures or materials of any sorts submitted to The Chocolate Space (TCS) Singapore are subjected to the following terms and conditions.

1. No attacks on race or religion
2. No obscenities or any material which are deemed inappropriate.
3. No use of vulgarities
4. No spamming and harassment of TCS members
5. No personal attacks on TCS members.
6. No advertising of any form is allowed without notifying TCS
7. Do write responsibly and submit accurate information.
8. Do submit original reviews that represent your own experience.
9. Do follow proper etiquette when writing a comment or review.
10. Any review deemed inappropriate or off topic may be removed without notice.
11. TCS reserves the rights to remove any posting, review or comment at any point in time.

The reviews or comments are subjective and they do not in any way represent the views of TCS. TCS does not endorse any remark or review expressed by users.

All reviews and any other contributions which are in violation (or suspected violation) of TCS Review Policy will be removed. TCS reserves the right to block or ban any user account which is used for committing such violations.