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Where Chocolate Meets Fashion Runway

It’s just too boring tasting or making chocolate these days, so some fashionistas have gotten a little more creative in marrying chocolate making with the runway. Yes, brown is the new black and this time, its both wearable and mouthwateringly edible.

Salon Du Chocolat (commonly known as the Paris Chocolate Show), which began in 1994, is an international trade fair for the chocolate industry supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So with the French in charge, you could expect some haute couture injected into the process – even if it has to do with chocolate. This October, the show will be hosted in Paris and I can’t wait to see what will be in store.

Salon Du Chocolat has a runway segment where accessories and clothing are made from real chocolate that look great to wear and good enough to eat. Some of the designs are downright bizarre, but others are just so chic that I wouldn’t mind trying them on myself.

Beautiful two-piece chocolate dress with a skirt made of pralines.

French-inspired chocolate corset by French Chocolate maker Magnum.

Kerine Ferri sporting what seems like a Sun-King inspired chocolate accessory in the 2008 Salon Du Chocolat.

Pauline Delpech with a head-turning chocolate evening gown.

Salon Du Chocolat has inspired even the American reality culinary competition show Top Chef Just Desserts. In a Season One episode, the contestants had to design an “edible dress” in honor of LA Fashion Week. Winner of the competition Morgan Wilson had a very elegant little black (chocolate) dress with accessories to boot!

One of my favourite chocolate dresses is the red hot Santa-rina Lindor Dress from 2007, which is made from 1000 Lindt chocolate balls and Swarovski Crystals. Kind of puts you in the mood for the Christmas holiday season doesn’t it?