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What is the Highest Cocoa Percentage Chocolate Bar in Singapore?

Walk into any chocolate store and you’re bound to find a 70% dark chocolate bar at least. Dark chocolate has become a growing trend, but while most people like dark chocolate (within a range of 60 – 75%), not everyone likes their chocolate too dark!

But recently, chocolate brands such as Lindt, Viviani and Green & Blacks have been pushing the cocoa boundary higher, and offering dark chocolate bars that go as high as 85%.

Can this go any higher? The Chocolate Space has found a Lindt 99% dark chocolate bar (at Jason’s supermarket) But higher cocoa percentages, does not necessarily mean more bitter. If a chocolate bar is made of quality cocoa beans, even a 91% dark chocolate bar can actually taste sweet, and with much depth! Our favourite dark-chocolate-extreme-bar is the 91% dark chocolate from US brand E. Guittard, but unfortunately, it has not been brought into Singapore yet!