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Truffs – Perfecting A Tradition of Truffle Making

As the busy day began to unwind, we found ourselves at Truffs – a chocolate boutique that occupies the upper floor of a quaint shophouse corner along Telok Ayer Street. And like true chocolate geeks, we spent the evening with Teng Ei Liang, the owner of Truffs, engaged in a philosophical discussion on what made a good chocolate truffle.

Truffs has gained a reputation among food circles for freshly hand-made truffles done in pure French tradition – a chocolate ganache dusted in cocoa powder. There is simply something so rustic about getting your fingertips dusted in cocoa powder when you nibble into a truffle and take in that deep dark cocoa scent.

What sets Truffs apart from most other truffles is its very fine and crisp chocolate coating that encases the ganache. To Ei Liang, it is a delicate balance of ensuring that this single coating holds the chocolate ganache together without cracking, while being careful not to unduly steal your attention away from enjoying the truffle’s soft centre.

Ei Liang’s truffle creations are framed around, what I would like to call, “The Distinct Three” – first a 55% semi sweet chocolate truffle, then moving up a notch to a 66% Caribbean-bean chocolate truffle and finally crescendo-ing into a 70% Honduras-bean chocolate truffle. Each of these truffles differ in taste not just by their levels of cocoa intensity, but also the specific variety of cocoa beans used. Ei Liang says that he is most pleased when his customers – in a Eureka moment – form a fond attachment to just one of these truffles. Whether Truffs will offer a truffle that goes beyond a cocoa intensity of 70% is anyone’s guess, but it seems that the deeper the cocoa intensity, the more appealing the truffle becomes to the seasoned palate.

The real icing on the cake is Truffs’ clever packaging, which Ei Liang likens to an “engineering feat”. Don’t let Truffs’ simple and sleek design fool you. Truffs’ gift boxes are thoughtfully designed to hold each truffle – suspended – to prevent these delicate truffles from being shaken up when you’re on the go. It is certainly a wise investment and adds that Midas touch to an already brilliant masterpiece.

Truffs is situated at 179a Telok Ayer Street. A box of 9 truffles (choice of 1 variety) is S$25, a box 18 truffles (choice of 2 varieties) is S$45. Truffs will be opening a café alongside its retail store come September 2011.

Truffs’ Store at Telok Ayer – This picture is courtesy of Truffs.