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Top 5 Chocolate Mooncakes this Season!

This mid-autumn season, The Chocolate Space reviewed a host of chocolate mooncakes around town, and here are the brands that made it to our top five list!

This is an independent review by The Chocolate Space.

Jewels Artisan Chocolate
Close to the traditional mooncake with a spin of fresh chocolate truffle!

Our top choice here at the Chocolate Space is Jewels, which has a good selection of chocolate mooncakes to choose from! Jewels serves one of the softest lotus paste snow-skin mooncakes balanced with fresh chocolate truffle, which is easy on the palate! A must-try is the mini snow-skin mooncake with Champagne Ganache Truffle and the mooncake with Espresso Truffle. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might like to try the baked mooncake with single yolk and Black Pearl Chocolate.

Best value for money, mooncakes are priced at 8 pieces for $48 – 50 or 2 pieces at $12. From now until 22 September 2010, you get a 15% for a box of 8 pieces of mooncakes! Order here.

Shangri-La Hotel Shang Palace
Mooncake with quality ingredients!

At the Chocolate Space, Shang mooncakes have always been one of our favourites because of the attention paid to using quality ingredients, and we expect no less this season with several new chocolate mooncakes creations. High on our list is the snow-skin mini Champagne Chocolate Truffle with Sesame and Hazelnuts mooncake, as well as the Red Lotus Seed Paste with X.O. Chocolate Truffle and Minced Almonds. All Shang mooncakes come in exquisite packaging fit for a king.

Mini chocolate mooncakes are priced at 8 pieces for $50 or $9 per piece, which is worth the price you pay for quality ingredients! 15% off with DBS/POSB credit card purchases! Order here.

Raffles Hotel
Mooncakes with a crunch!

If you like that extra “crunch” to your mooncake, as you would do biting into a chocolate praline, the Raffles’ chocolate mooncakes are probably well-suited to your taste buds. New from this year’s Raffles mooncake selection is the snow-skin Hazel Choco Mooncake. Within the chocolate coloured snow-skin and lotus paste is a hazelnut chocolate truffle with a praline-like casing. For a fruity touch, the quirky auburn colored snow-skin Tiger Lily Mooncake adds a hint of passion fruit and mango with a liquor truffle centre.

Mooncakes are priced at 8 pieces for $50 or $8 per piece. Order online and get a 10% discount. Online orders end 17 September 2010. Citibank members get $5 voucher for every $100 spent online. Order here.

Tung Lok
Challenging traditional mooncake norms!

Tung Lok mooncakes have always been a long time favourite and every year new creations are being launched! This year one of our favourites from Tung Lok that challenges traditional mooncake norms is the mini Chocolate Skin Hokkaido Milk with Mocha mooncake. The beauty is in the Hokkaido milk infused with mocha, which is encased in a rich chocolate skin. If you are a green-tea lover, you might want to complement this chocolate treat with the mini Green Tea Skin Mooncake with Chestnut Lotus.

Mooncakes are priced at 4 pieces at $42. Tung Lok will be having its mooncake roadshows where it will be offering up to 30% from 10 – 19 Sep from 2 – 5 pm at the following venues:

Tiong Bahru Plaza Atrium (10 September 2010), Orchard Central Atrium (11 September 2010), Central Mall Atrium (12 September 2010), Far East Square Zhou’s Kitchen (17 September 2010), Velocity Novena Square (18 September 2010), West Mall Atrium (19 September 2010) Order here.

Chocolates like mooncakes!

If you’re not quite the mooncake lover, but would still want to get a taste of the festivities, Godiva offers a mid-autumn collection of “chocolate mooncakes” or chocolates that look like mooncakes. While there is no snow-skin or lotus paste in the Godiva “mooncake”, the Orchid Taste Mooncake offers a deep dark chocolate ganache with a tinge of orchid aroma. Other “mooncakes” available are the White Vanilla Ganache with Roasted Caramelized Soy mini-mooncake and the classic Hazelnut Praline with Roasted Caramelised Soy mini-mooncake.

A box of 2 large mooncakes, 2 mini-mooncakes and 6 premium chocolate pralines costs $90. Order here.