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The Chocolat Factory

What does The Pot, The Vase and The Giant have in common? They are all names uniquely given to The Chocolat Factory’s chocolate products. Michel Laline, the man behind The Chocolat Factory, had made a career in chocolate after some years as an architect and interior designer. It is no surprise then that The Chocolat Factory products are designed as if to fit aesthetically with the rest of your home or office décor.

Get a couple of “Pots” ($23 per piece) that fit neatly alongside the rest of your office stationery at the workplace. Think cocoa dusted tiramisu flavoured balls with almond centers, giving you that sweet kick to break the mundane work routine. I’m actually planning on popping the cap and using the tin as a pencil holder once I’ve finished the chocolates. Or what about getting a couple of “Pocket Tubes” ($16), which are sleek aluminium tubes filled with cacao bean bits that you could sneak with you into a board meeting.

The Chocolat Factory also offers a small selection of single-bean origin chocolates from Grenade, Sao Thome and Java, each with its own distinctive primary-colour packaging. ($14 per bar). Of the three, Sao Thome, having been made from South African cacao beans, has a deep and intense after taste.

The Chocolat Factory has won a number of awards for its packaging designs in Europe since 2000, with its most recent award being the Prince Felipe Prize for Design in 2005. But its chic packaging is also met with quality cocoa used in its products, which are sourced major cocoa producing countries such as South America, Africa and the Pacific.

Yes the Chocolat Factory folks are truly pleasure experts! And their disclaimer for 2009 goes like this:

“Should consumption of our products cause you to melt into a puddle of Happiness, please call us on 902 110 759 and we will come around swiftly to mop you up.”