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Storing Your Chocolates the Right Way

Chocolates react badly to temperature variations and humidity levels, which can cause a chocolate to “bloom” . Adding to this, chocolates are prone to absorbing flavors and scents from its environment because of its cocoa butter content. Since cocoa butter is a fat, like most fats, it absorbs flavors from its surroundings.

So its always important to store your chocolates properly to preserve its shelf life. And storing chocolates the right way is simple!

As a rule of thumb, the ideal storage temperatures for chocolate are between 15 to 17C (or 59 – 63F), with humidity levels of less than 50%. It must also be stored on away from other foods to prevent the chocolates from absorbing unwanted odours.

While a wine cellar or a special wine cooler is an ideal place to store chocolate, storage in a normal refrigerator works just as well. Be sure to store your chocolates in an air-tight container (or ziplock) before it goes into the refrigerator. If your chocolate bars have been unpacked, wrap them in kitchen foil first before putting them into an air-tight container.

When you next take out your stored chocolates for consumption, leave it to stand for about 5 – 10 minutes before eating. This helps if you’re using a normal refrigerator to store your chocolates where temperatures are slightly lower than a special wine cooler. Your chocolates are just the right temperature for consumption when you don’t hear a dry, brief “snap”, otherwise this means its still too cold to be consumed.

Kept under good conditions, chocolates are very stable and can keep for many months. Did you know that the shelf life of chocolate bars is about a year?