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SINS Chocolates – The Snazzy Five!

As most of our chocolate fans would know, SINS Chocolates has been a longstanding homegrown brand since the 1990s. Well, they’re back with a newly designed shop at Republic Plaza and lovely new treats to boot! We were really taken by SINS’ brand new Art Deco Collection that we’d like to call the “Snazzy Five” – a ChiChi collection of five post-card sized chocolate tiles, each with its own distinctive personality.

Acquired a taste for a deep bittersweet chocolate? SINS has artistically put together a floral arrangement of aromatic flavours in its Mint Bouquet – a dark chocolate peppermint bar delicately dusted with lavender and rose petals. This fragrant chocolate potpourri is refreshing on the palate, making it perfect to take with you for an afternoon tea party.

Preferring something a little more spirited and bold? Blame It On Lemon is SINS’ tongue-in-cheek way of saying, “forget the bad stuff (the lemons), and let this sun-kissed bar brighten your day”. This creamy white chocolate is counterbalanced with a zestful lemon crackle, a pop of orange peel and specs of dark chocolate. The smorgasbord of lively flavours will certainly jolt your senses. And how a chocolate with a deep, dark and rich coffee aroma playfully called Kofi Annan – Peace that will pack a punch!

If you’re looking for a chocolate with poise, SINS’ MAMS (short for Mangos and Apricots) marries a fruit-mix of mango and apricot with a little milk chocolate that makes you think of a jam spread (or chutney)! And we’re not forgetting the “little cute one” of the lot, the Strawberry NoCake, which will be a favourite among the ladies. This white chocolate bar has a strawberry shortcake flavour with bits of real strawberry infused in the bar and a blush of pink cotton candy on top. SINS has indeed proven that cake or no cake, all you need is a good helping of chocolate to satisfy that sinful cacao craving.

The “Snazzy Five” bars are $4.90 per bar and can be found at all SINS outlets. Their recently revamped store at Republic Plaza is at 9 Raffles Place #01.17, Republic Plaza Singapore. Opening Hours: 10:30am – 7:30pm Mondays to Fridays.