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Seventh Heaven Artisanal Desserts – Churning Out Fascinating Delights!

Where else in town can you find an ice cream parlour that spoils you with a wide variety of chocolate ice cream desserts, and stretches your imagination by fashioning up creative treats? We found our prayers answered, having entered the pearly gates of Seventh Heaven Artisanal Desserts, and tasted its glorious creations at Katong 112, which recently opened.

We were pleased to learn that Sein Chan, the owner of Seventh Heaven, is herself a chocoholic. Her passion for chocolate comes with a deep understanding of how chocolate ice cream can be artfully paired with a variety of different flavours, making Seventh Heaven chocolate desserts so well deserving of praise.

We won’t judge you if you are a chocolate purist, preferring to go for Seventh Heaven’s classic Chocolate ice cream instead. But once in awhile, indulge yourself in Seventh Heaven’s Black Russian ice cream, which is a chocolate ice cream infused with just the right amount of Russian Vodka, and served with a Kumquat sorbet. [“Kumquat” is an Asian small, citrus orange-like fruit known as “little tangerine”.] Another liquor-infused favourite with a slightly more masculine punch is the Chocolate Whiskey ice cream, which has a smooth and long finish, bringing out the more subtle cocoa flavours within the chocolate. [A scoop of ice cream is approximately $4.20 for a takeaway. While it cost slightly more for dine-in, you also get a complimentary passion fruit sorbet.]

Seventh Heaven’s Mud Pies and waffle/pancake desserts are must tries. Satisfy your chocolate cravings with the quintessentially chocolate mud pie, the Mud Pie Landslide – a chocolate ice cream mud pie over a chocolate cookie base, and dressed with chocolate sauce. For more chocolate goodness, try The Chocolateer, which comes with two scoops of chocolate ice cream over a choice of either a pancake or a waffle, and topped with hot fudge and brownie bits!

Perhaps a dessert that deserves special mention is Milton’s Favourite Assembly. This gourmet Black Garlic chocolate ice cream dessert is truly unique to Seventh Heaven! And no, this has nothing to do with raw garlic as we know it. Black Garlic is a type of fermented garlic used as an Asia herb. It has a molasses-like flavour with a tang, and a texture similar to soft dried fruit. Highly recommended on our list, especially if you’re looking for a dessert with an intricate blend of savory and sweet flavours. [Price range for dine-in desserts is approximately $8 – $16.]

Seventh Heaven is located within Katong 112 Mall at 112 East Coast Road and opens from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

While this article is primarily on Seventh Heaven’s chocolate ice cream desserts, there are a whole variety of other ice cream flavours that are definitely worth trying!