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Post Card From Paris – Manneken Pis at Salon Du Chocolat

This picture of a Manneken Pis (literally translated from the Dutch dialect spoken in Brussels as “Little Man Pee”) just came in the mail from one of our Chocolate Space readers who visited this year’s Salon Du Chocolat in Paris, which is an international trade fair (read chocolates galore!) for the chocolate industry.

Anyone knows the story behind the statue? The bronze statue of a naked little boy urinating into the fountain’s basin is a famous Brussels landmark designed by Jerome Duquesnoy in the 17th Century. There are numerous legends associated with how this sculpture came about. Some say that the little boy saved a city from a fire by urinating on a burning fuse. Others say that the young boy was a son of a rich merchant, who went missing, and was eventually found happily urinating in a small garden. His father, in gratitude to the city for finding his son, donated the bronze statue of his son urinating in the garden.

In Brussels, there is also the tradition of dressing up this famous statue – we hear that he changes costume several times each week. So in line with this tradition, Salon Du Chocolat decided to have a replica of the Menneken Pis dressed as a chef and, well, pee-ing chocolate into a chocolate fountain. A fond reminder that Brussels is also the world capital of chocolate.

A big thank you to Florine Stammler from Lyon, France for the wonderful picture.

If you have any interesting chocolate pictures taken on your travels and would like to share them at The Chocolate Space, please email them to us at info@thechocolatespace.com.

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