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Pavé @ Katong – A Pocket Full of Surprises!

Pavé, which just opened its doors four months ago, occupies a cosy corner among the row of shophouses along Katong Road. With its pretty pink and white theme, Pavé is simply a pocket full of chocolate surprises and lovely tea-time venue, especially for the ladies.

Pavé has some unique creations with quirky-cute names. An “Oooze” is a dark chocolate square filled with sea-salted caramel and topped with cacao nibs. Even if you think salt and chocolates don’t go, take your chances and be adventurous because the elegant balance between the caramel, salt and chocolate is simply worth it.

If you’re planning on bringing home a bag of sweet treats, Pavé has packed chocolates coated nuts and fruits like “Ali Baba on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet vs Puff the Magic Dragon”. Think fantastical imageries of dark chocolate-coated apricots peppered with a ‘magic’ concoction of Pavé’s own secret spice. Our favourite from this collection is the “Flowers for Anya”, which is dark chocolate-coated figs with a touch or rose petals and Szechuan pepper.

The real star of Pavé’s collection is the Dark Chocolate Cone. You’ll be amazed to learn that the entire dessert is made out of different stages of the chocolate process. Complete with gold-dusted cacao nibs, the conical chocolate couverture is filled with raw cacao (that kind of tastes like hazelnut paste) and a single walnut.

And if you’re looking for unique gifts for friends and loved ones, Pavé makes these lovely postcard chocolates and jigsaw puzzles chocolates. This is certainly putting us in the festive mood for Christmas! Pavé also offers some pretty good bottles of jam, that look like they popped out of an Enid Blyton children’s book.

Pave takes pride in its sweet treats, using only the very best quality ingredients available on the market, and are made fresh. Since Christmas is around the corner, we’ll certainly be back here for more treats and we’d be waiting for whats in store!

Price range for Pavé products is approximately S$6 – 25. Pavé is located along Katong at 93 East Coast Road.

More details on Pavé can be found at their Profile page.