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New Products from The Chocolat Factory

Always in vogue, The Chocolat Factory has a knack for artfully combining chocolate with aesthetically pleasing designs. To welcome the new year, they have unveiled a series of new products that are delightfully fun!

Give yourself a chocolate manicure to celebrate the new year in style! Give Me Five is The Chocolat Factory’s quirky latest product with five different chocolate flavours to grace each of your five fingers – dark, milk, white, strawberry and orange. It’s certainly a great gift for that little niece or nephew of your’s.

And with everyone armed with an Nespresso machines these days, it’s only fashionable to show up with gifts of Nespresso pods, especially if you’re attending one of those gatherings of coffee lovers where the Nespresso machine takes centre stage. But why not show up with chocolate “Nespresso” pods from The Chocolat Factory? My New Vice is designed for mocha addicts who love chocolate in their Nespresso coffee. I’m sure George Cluny would want some of these chocolate pods himself.

Aside from chocolate “Nespresso” pods, The Chocolat Factory has a convenient chocolate spread that literally takes the shape of your toast. Just put it on a hot toast and let that chocolate ooze goodness onto your morning toast!