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How many fingers does a Kit Kat have?

The original Kit Kat was developed with four fingers after a worker at the Rowntree factory in the 1930s in the United Kingdom put in a suggestion for a snack that a “man could have in his lunch box for work”.

Kit Kat bars contain varying numbers of fingers depending on where in the world they are sold. For example, the smallest Kit Kat is a half-finger sized Kit Kat Petit in Japan, while the largest Kit Kat bar with the most number of fingers is the twelve-finger Kit Kat Family Size bars in Australia and France.

Kit Kat bars are country-specific in design. I was in Dubai and I found a three-finger Kit Kat. The reason behind this is practical one. Since Kit Kats are usual snacks found in vending machine, three-finger Kit Kat bars are produced for the Middle East to match the denomination of the local currency and make the product a convenient, one-coin purchase!

And what is our favourite Kit Kat bar at The Chocolate Space? We absolutely cannot resist the Green-tea Kit Kat, which unfortunately can only be found in Japan because it is a country-specific limited edition bar. If you’re stopping by Japan’s Narita International Airport in Tokyo, be sure to pick up some Green-tea Kit Kat along the way!

If you want to know more about Kit Kat variants that are being sold in countries around the world, visit: http://www.kitkat.com/