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Hidden Bear in Toblerone

Toblerone chocolate is well-known for its distinctive prism-shape packaging, and it is commonly believed that the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps gave chocolate maker Theodor Tobler his inspiration for the shape of the Toblerone chocolate in 1908. The Toblerone name was an ingenious combination of Tobler’s name and the torrne, which is an Italian nougat made from honey, almond slivers and egg whites, blended with chocolate.

But did you know that if you look closely at the Matterhorn icon of the Toblerone, you will notice a bear hidden within the Matterhorn? Thats because the bear is the Swiss symbol of the city of Bern in Switzerland, which was where the Toblerone was developed. I guess few would have noticed the hidden bear, but who would have paid attention when we’re distracted by how yummy Toblerone tastes right?

Tolberone is now owned by Suchard, which is also the maker of Milka.