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Have your Chocolates Gone Bad?‏

What happens when you see a gray-white film appearing on the surface of your chocolate? I bought an 80g bar of chocolate that cost me S$15 and there was a moldy-looking white coating on its surface. I was most annoyed.

The discolor in the chocolate means that the chocolate has “bloomed”. This sometimes happens because of poor storage when chocolates are mishandled en route to its destination or if the chocolate undergoes changes in temperature or is exposed to excess humidity.

The chances of chocolate “bloom” happens more frequently in tropical countries such as Singapore where our climate is humid and warm. So chocolates have to be stored well and at the right temperatures in order to preserve its taste and shelf-life.

So how do you tell if your chocolates aren’t in their top form? If your chocolate looks glossy, it means that the cocoa mass has been well tempered molded, and cooled. If your chocolates look dull, and there is a gray-white film on your chocolates, its best not to eat it!