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Fullerton Chocolate Buffet

Our meeting with Tina and Sebastien from the Food & Beverage team at the Fullerton ended on a sweet note. Apart from an enlightening conversation on the Fullerton’s F&B line, what was equally sweet was an invitation to sample the Fullerton’s Chocolate Buffet, which had been given a new face lift by Chef Carl Bertka who joined the Fullerton team a couple of months earlier.

If you think the Fullerton Chocolate Buffet is just made out of chocolate fountains a plenty, you are dead wrong. I was surprised to learn that the Chocolate Buffet at the Fullerton is actually a very well thought out concept that challenges your everyday perceptions of how chocolate is paired with other ingredients. While there were the traditional sweet chocolate pastries, there were also very daring and bold desserts such as the Chocolate Wasabi Jelly.

“What? Wassabi in Chocolate? I thought Wasabi only went well with Sashimi” I said to Chef Carl.

Chef Carl, who was formerly a pastry chef at “Gordon Ramsay at the London Restaurant” in California, explained that what was important in his yummy creations was finding the perfect balance between the chocolate and the novel ingredients used. So mustering my courage, I tried the Chocolate Wasabi Jelly. And when the taste of wasabi kicked in, I got an unexpected shock followed by a pleasing smoothness as the wasabi melded perfectly with the chocolate mousse. It was surprisingly refreshing.

One of my favourites from the buffet spread was the hot chocolate counter, which allowed you to choose your chocolate by your preferred cocoa percentage, and the spices to go along with it. Whether it was star anise, chilli, coffee or more, one was certainly spoilt for choice and how I wished I could have tried them all.

The Fullerton’s Chocolate Buffet opens on Friday and Saturdays from 8pm to 11pm [S$38++ per pax].