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Finding a Good Quality Dark Chocolate‏

How do you tell if a dark chocolate bar is of good quality? Did you know that various single-bean origin dark chocolate bars have varying tastes depending on the type of cocoa beans used?

Dark chocolate is chocolate with more than 35% cocoa content, with most retail chocolate bars containing 65%, 70%, 85% or even 99% cocoa. The higher the percentage of cocoa the stronger and more bitter the chocolate. Dark chocolates do not have milk as an additive and have less sugar, which makes dark chocolates healthy!

It does not mean that the darker the chocolate the better the quality. Too dark a colour actually denotes poor quality beans used in the chocolate bar. In fact, a good quality dark chocolate is said to be dark with mahogany-coloured highlights.

And not all dark chocolates taste the same! The higher the cocoa content in the chocolate, the easier it is for chocolate makers to bring out the characteristic flavors of cocoa beans that come from a variety of regions.

Next time you try a couple of single-bean origin dark chocolates, try focusing on the natural chocolate flavours: nuttiness, acidity, fruitiness, bitterness and astringency.