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Crazy Chocolates? Or Awesome Creations?

Bored of the comforts of plain chocolate? When monotony takes its toll on some chocolatiers, they get creative and explore ways of pairing chocolates with a whole lot of other things. Sure, it’s quite a challenge, but the rewards can be unexpectedly yummilicious! This week, The Chocolate Space reviews five chocolate bars infused with ingredients that break conventional norms of what can actually pair well with chocolate.

Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar – Vosges Haute Chocolate (USA)

If pigs can fly, you certainly won’t be making chocolate from pork. Vosges has perfected the art of marrying Applewood smoked bacon with Alderwood salt and 62% dark chocolate. While it seems difficult to digest having bacon and eggs with chocolate for breakfast, Vosges bacon bar is a burst of savoury flavours hidden in all the right places of a smooth bitter-sweet chocolate. Unfortunately, you are unable to find Vosges chocolate bars in Singapore, so the next time you head to New York in the US, its worth picking up one these Bacon Bars!

Goji (Wolfberries) Deep Milk Chocolate Bar – Vosges Haute Chocolate (USA)

If you are a fan of Chinese herbal soups, then you would probably familiar with the use of dried wolfberries to sweeten these soups. While we never really thought of pairing dried wolfberries with chocolate, it does perfect sense! Think about strawberries and blueberries in chocolate, and then think of wolfberries as the Asian equivalent! We thought it was a smart idea by Vosges to pair Goji wolfberries with chocolate, and the results are absolutely amazing – and not so strange after all!

Curry Milk Chocolate – Vezzo Gold (Malaysia)

Vezzo offers the best of what can be found in Southeast Asia – spices and cacao. The interesting blend of curcumin (turmeric), cardamom and coriander, paired with milk chocolate, is reminisce of Straits cuisine of the Peranakan variety. If you like strong and spicy flavours and earthiness in chocolate, you might want to have a go at the Curry Milk Chocolate bar, which can only be found in Malaysia (in Kuala Lumpur or Penang).

Wasabi Chocolate – KitKat (Japan)

KitKat in Japan is commonly known for its crazy flavours in chocolate such as Hamburger, Fruit Parfait, Soya Sauce and even Pickled Plum. Our choice at The Chocolate Space is the Wasabi KitKat. Nope, your nasal passage won’t be seared by the spiciness of wasabi, and you won’t be gasping for water once you’ve tasted this bar. In fact, the Wasabi KitKat bar is sweet and milky, with just a tinge of wasabi for flavour. Simply delightful! While you may only be able to find Wasabi Kit Kat in some Japanese grocers in Singapore, they are pretty much available in most convenience stores in Japan.

Chocolate Potato Chips – Royce (Japan)

If you like the play of savoury and sweet things coming together, you may want to try Royce’s Chocolate Potato Chips. One side of the potato chip coated with milk chocolate, while the other side is just plain savoury potato chip goodness. It’s like dipping a french-fry into soft ice-cream, which some folks like to do when they head to McDonalds. Royce Chocolate Potato Chips are easily available at Royce stores in Singapore.