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Chocz – Cocoa and the Perfect Balance of Ingredients

Mention Chocz and most Singaporeans would be familiar with this reputable homegrown chocolatier, which has been in the chocolate business for almost a decade. Chocz has steadily grown over the years owing to its uncompromising standards in chocolate quality and an impressive host of 60 different chocolate recipes. An afternoon conversation with Director of Chocz Benny Chua reminded me that infusing chocolate with other ingredients to achieve a taste that sits comfortably on your palate is no easy task.

Because Chocz is about variety, it pays keen attention to its chocolate processes every step of the way – from bean to bar. Chocz is one of the few Singapore chocolatiers that sources for its own beans to make its own chocolate. This allows Chocz to experiment with different cocoa beans ranging from Madagascar, Venezuela, the Ivory Coast and even Java, to pair with different ingredients. The possibilities are endless!

Pairing chocolates with different ingredients isn’t a mish-mash of concoctions but an exact science. Different cocoa beans from different regions produce a variety of subtle flavours. Combining the right cocoa beans with the right ingredients is only the initial step towards a first-rate chocolate recipe. Even if some of these ingredients sound at odds with each other, Chocz has figured out the art of achieving well-balanced chocolate infusions with an array of ingredients.

Cheese paired with chocolate may seem like a strange thought and a rare chocolate recipe to come by, but Chocz Cream Cheese White Chocolate is surprisingly delightful on the palate. The cheese compliments the blend of Ivory Coast white chocolate, walnuts and sultanas so well that it brings out hints of nutty pecan and citrus fruit, through its milky-cream texture.

Another favourite is Chocz Chilli Chocolate. While chilli chocolates are fast becoming the norm these days, what is fascinating about Chocz Chilli Chocolate is the subtle spicy finish that comes towards the tail end of the chocolate. The flavours of Ghana cocoa beans, chilli spice and milk are perfectly balanced, allowing the spicy ingredient to compliment the chocolate as a secondary flavour (and not the other way around).

You can find a list of Chocz shops here. Chocz also has a café at the Esplanade Mall where you could enjoy chocolate desserts and a variety of hot chocolate drinks. Chocz pralines costs S$28 for 9 pieces and can be bought at Chocz retail stores and online.