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Beschle – A Time-Honoured Swiss Establishment

Established in 1898, Beschle is a family-owned Swiss confiserie and chocolaterie that has spanned four generations and offers a rich history of chocolate confection passed down from one generation to the next. Pascal and Dominic Beschle now helm this well-known chocolate boutique in Basel, which has now found its way to Singapore.

Having mastered the craft of producing outstanding quality chocolate, Beschle has stayed on top of its game for over a century. This year, Beschle received accolades from the London Academy of Chocolate Awards – its 64% cocoa Grand Cru Trinitario Madagascar with pistachios received the 2011 Gold winner for Best Flavoured Dark Bar, while its 64% Madagascan Dark Bar with ginger and 38% Swiss Milk Bar received the 2011 Silver Winner for Best Flavoured Dark Bar and Best Milk Bean to Bar respectively. The Academy of Chocolate aims to encourage differentiation between chocolate confectionery and ‘real’ chocolate and seeks to create awareness of the ingredients that go into chocolate from bean to bar.

One of Beschle’s unique creations is the Premier Cru 74% Cacao bar made from criollo porcelana beans from Venezuela, which won the BBC Food Awards Specialty Tablet Bar. Criollo beans are the champagne of chocolate and only 1 – 5 % of chocolates in the world are made from this bean type because of its rarity. But the real art lies in how this chocolate bar was made – it was conched by hand for 48 hours – the traditional method of mixing chocolate for a creamy texture, first discovered by the Swiss in the 19th century. Conching by hand allows the chocolate to have a more earthy texture and a deep flavour that lasts longer on your palate, making this bar a true novelty.

But this time-honoured Swiss brand is not just about longstanding traditional chocolate recipes. Beschle has constantly surprised its patrons with refreshing and innovative creations through its seasonal praline collection. This season, Beschle offers a selection of pralines with Asian accents. Two favourites stand out – a praline infused with coriander, a South Asia spice that dances on your palate and a lovely Thai-inspired lemongrass praline.

Saving the best for last, one of our favourite Beschle bars is the Beschle Lassi Ivoire. A 36% white chocolate bar infused with the traditions of the popular Punjabi yoghurt-based drink, Lassi. With a burst of intriguing flavours that are so complex yet well-balanced, this Lassi bar’s slight lemon zest and hints of cardamom makes you feel that you’re actually having a sip of the real drink.

Beschle has a boutique store at the ground level of Mandarin Gallery and a chocolatier counter at Basement Two Takayshimaya Food Hall.