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Being Fabulously Chocolatey at 45

To celebrate National Day, The Chocolate Space went on a hunt around chocolate stores to find some festive chocolates in celebration of Singapore’s 45th birthday. Stores such as Candy Empire, The Cocoa Trees and the Takashimaya Food Hall have a host of Merlion-shaped chocolates to choose from.

Merly comes in different forms, you have a choice of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and even Chocolate Macademia Nut Merlions! Not bad for variety.

Our pick for this year’s National Day goes to the ChocoElf’s Special Lion Series, which tells Singapore’s history in chocolates by paying tribute to some of the well-known personalities in our 45-year history. There a Raffles Cranberry chocolate, a tropical Sang Nila’s Coconut Kaya chocolate and even the feisty Lee’s Chilli chocolate! [ChocoElf’s Lion Series can be found at the Takashimaya Food Hall]

Majulah Singapura! See you at this year’s National Day Parade!