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Baked and Eaten!

This is an independent review of Baked and Eaten brownies.

We’re all familiar with what a brownie is. That baked, dense chocolate square with a texture that is a cross between cake and cookie. If you like a good fudgey brownie, you might want to give Baked and Eaten (BnE) a shot. BnE is an online brownie store that has been opened since the beginning of this year.

BnE brownies are thoughtfully packed in a pretty plastic box that is easy to handle, making it ideal gifts. I love the simple and cute design of the box, which features a slender smiling lady decked in her kitchen apparel and proudly lifting her tray of brownie goodness! The owner of BnE is none other than Charmaine, who “decided one day that she is going to make the best brownies she could”. And indeed, BnE brownies are one of the best brownies in Singapore that we’ve tasted.

BnE brownies have a texture that strikes a good balance between cake and cookie. While BnE brownies are dense, moist and fudgey, it doesn’t leave you with a dry mouthfeel and a parched throat. That’s because BnE’s browies are made with quality Varlhona cocoa powder without any added preservatives or artificial flavouring, keeping you happy (and extremely satisfied) after having a piece of this little gem. BnE currently has three brownie flavours – the traditional Walnut Brownie, a tangy Raspberry Brownie and a unique Swirl Cheese Brownie.

If you like dark chocolate, you’re likely to prefer the semi-sweet walnut brownies, which – by the way – would go absolutely well with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you like milk chocolate, then go for the slightly sweeter raspberry brownies. And if you’re planning on getting the Swirl Cheese brownies, these are best served chilled!

Prices are a little on the high side, but if you like quality chocolate brownies with good packaging, then its probably worth your buck. A box of 8 brownies are at $20, while if you purchase by the brownie, it is $3 each.

As a young upstart, BnE will continue to grow, and that means that their desserts can only get better! Stick around and watch as I’m sure there will be much more surprises in store from Charmaine!

Baked and Eaten Brownies can be bought at: http://www.bakedandeaten.com/.

Fun Factdid you know how brownies came about? Its origins hail as far back in the 19th century when an American socialite requested for a dessert to be made for ladies attending a fair. She said that the dessert should be “smaller than a piece of cake and easily eaten from boxed lunches”. And so the brownie was created!