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A day at The Cacao Show at The Heeren by The ChocolatGirl

After a whirlwind of shopping for Christmas presents all around Orchard Road on Saturday afternoon, I finally trooped down to The Cacao Show at Heeren to get some chocolate gifts for my annual Christmas get-together with my girlfriends. With so many chocolatiers to choose from, I was certainly spoiled for choice! I was totally caught up chatting with some of the chocolatiers that I spent almost a good two hours at the show.

Just before I stepped into Heeren, I caught a glimpse of the Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree just outside Heeren and I remembered how Ferrero Rocher used to be my favourite Christmas chocolate when I was much younger!

Just some pictures from my little chocolate learning journey…

I met Geoffrey who owns Chocolate Graphics, which is an Australian-based chocolate company that allows you to design your chocolates the way you like them! These are great for personalizing your own wedding door gifts, and you could even add a photograph onto your chocolate! Coincidentally, a girlfriend of mine is prepping for her wedding and I told her to check out The Chocolate Graphics if shes thinking of getting creative.

My next stop was Galler and The Chocolat Factory. Galler had a rotating stand of all their chocolate products on sale and I decided to get a box of Galler chocolates elegantly wrapped in snowy-white packaging for the ladies at our Christmas gathering. I also ended up getting the mini chocolate Christmas tree from The Chocolate Factory as a treat for my 5 year old nephew.

I went over to THE CoCo GROCER booth where the people from THE CoCo GROCER were busy stirring a big tin of hot milk and the aroma from the hot chocolate that some bystanders were drinking were just too difficult to resist. So having been tempted, I got myself a mug of hot chocolate. I hold on to the mantra that Christmas cannot be Christmas without hot chocolate (especially since the weather has been rainy and cold this month).

I was delighted to find chocolates coated freeze dried tropical fruits at Gulliver’s, and there’s quite a range to choose from – jackfruit, strawberries, mango and even durian! My favourite was Gulliver’s freeze-dried coconut covered in milk chocolate which I was told, was the latest product from the Gulliver range. I was actually surprised that the chocolate and coconut turned out to be a pretty good combination with a nice crunchy texture.

Cacao7, which is a new organic chocolate brand owed by Mabel, was also at The Cacao Show. I was intrigued by the chocolate facial scrub that Cacao7 had on display. I made a mental note to myself that I had to visit the Cacao7 organic and raw dessert café at Boat Quay soon!