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THE CoCospoon by THE CoCo GROCER – “Grumpy without CoCo”

Have you ever wished that while you’re stirring your hot chocolate drink, there would be some left over chocolate stuck to the end of your spoon that you could lick for that extra bit of chocolaty goodness? That’s precisely why THE CoCospoons are probably the greatest invention ever for hot chocolate lovers!

A product of THE CoCo GROCER, THE CoCospoon is literally a wooden spoon wedged in a block of delightful chocolate. There’s no more hassle of having to open that tin of hot chocolate powder and spooning it into your hot milk. Just simply dip THE CoCospoon in a mug of hot milk (at around 80 degrees C), which could be steamed or micro-waved, and stir. Pretty good stuff, especially if you’re planning on throwing a Christmas party, where hot chocolate is a must have!

THE CoCospoon comes in three different flavours – there’s a 75% dark chocolate Spoon and a 55% milk chocolate Spoon, and if you like a little nuttiness in your hot chocolate, why not try the chocolate almond Spoon too! But perhaps if you’ve had too much for dinner and you’d like a smaller cup of hot Coco, then go for the baby sized Spoons – called THE CoCospoonies.

THE CoCospoons can’t be found in any store around town yet, and will only be sold exclusively at The Cacao Show. So hurry down to The Cacao Show to get your CoCospoon, a hot mug of milk and “Melt, Lick, Drink, Enjoy!”.

THE CoCo GROCER will also be doing a live demonstration at The Cacao Show (on 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 Dec) on how you can use your CocoSpoons in a variety of fun ways. The CoCospoons are halal-certified. For best results, 200ml of full cream Greenfields milk per CoCospoon and 120ml per CoCospoonies are recommended.